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These artworks address communication through voice and language and the interplay between hearing and listening (the vocal, the spoken) and seeing and reading (the visual, the written). Using collaboration and performance with field recording, digital imaging and the spoken/written word I am currently exploring an expanded approach to language within species and across species through a framework of everyday experience and the maladaptive, mixed and complex conditions that occur in our cities today.


My Monster: The Human Animal Hybrid explores our enduring fascination with the merging of the human and animal, and coincides with the 200th anniversary year of the publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.
Curated by Evelyn Tsitas Photo Credit: Mark Ashkanasy © RMIT Gallery


Posthuman PUBLICS
Tuesday 4 February - Friday 28 February 2020
The Algae Society Bio Art Design Lab, Angela Clarke, Cath Clover, Byron Dean, Ceri Hann, Heather Hesterman, Anna Hickey-Moody, Fiona Hillary, Jordan Lacey, Grace McQuilten, Rebecca Najdowski, Dominic Redfern, Philip Samartzis & Polly Stanton
Posthuman PUBLICS invites artists and researchers to engage in an interdisciplinary laboratory for the month of February to coincide with Rosi Braidotti's inaugural visit to RMIT University, hosted by DERC and CAST. Exploring the gallery as a laboratory for/of creative practice, a series of workshops, discussions and provocations will provide space to think through and engage with key issues at the intersection of posthumanism, climate change and changing economies. Through the examination and practice of new fields of knowledge production, Posthuman PUBLICS asks us to collaboratively consider ‘how do we leave marks of care for the future’?
PROJECT SPACE / SPARE ROOM is located within RMIT Building 94 Level 2
23-27 Cardigan Street Carlton Melbourne Australia
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 11am - 5pm

    Supernaculum 5-8 March 2020
    The Animal Gaze Constructed   Exhibition/Conference London Metropolitan University UK
Symposium Dates 6-7 March 2020
Exhibition Dates 22 February to 13 March 2020 
Shrinking horizons, slim pickings, poverty of scope. What new politics of nature are needed here for animals? What representations and spatial practices are required to redress the balance of our shared environments? What is a more animal-centric world like?
The third Animal Gaze symposium will bring together practitioners and academics to consider human/animal interactions and spatial practices as they manifest themselves in art and architecture. 
The Animal Gaze Constructed exhibition will take place in the Faculty's gallery spaces in the Aldgate campus for 3 weeks, March 6th to March 27th, 2020 (The Atrium, Goulston Street Building).
Artists: Steve Baker, Catherine Clover, Laura Cooper, Nicky Coutts, Lee Deigaard, Catherine Du Toit, Jessie Flood-Paddock, David George, Johanna Hällsten, Katy Hammond, Olga Koroleva, Rosemarie McGoldrick, Lala Meredith-Vula, Martin Pover, Clara Rueprich, Snaebjornsdottir/Wilson, Jennet Thomas, Gillian Wylde
    Artsbox Residency, Footscray, City of Maribyrnong, Melbourne AU - four weeks in April 2020
    Taiwanese Contemporary Arts Residency Language and Liberty coordinated by SITUATE RMIT University, Taipei National University of the Arts and Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts,Taiwan September/October 2020

In the pipeline 2020/21
**Upcoming chapter Ventriloquism and Contemporary Art Jennie Hirsch (Maryland Institute College of Art) and Isabelle Wallace (University of Georgia) (eds)
**Upcoming performance Encounters Site specific interventions curated by Helen Frosi, various sites across London


Fly-by-Night Fri 20 Dec 2019 A one-night only event at Hundred Years Gallery
with Robbie Judkins (UK),Helen Frosi (UK), Viv Corringham (UK/US), Melissa Alley (UK), Jude Cowan Montague (UK), Mia Kukathasan (UK), Paul Tecklenberg (UK), Johanna Hällsten (Sweden/UK), Ackroyd+Harvey (UK), Iris Garrelfs (Germany/UK), Shauna Laurel Jones (US/UK), Catherine Clover (UK/Australia)

    Immerse 2019 Art in Unexpected Places Public Art in the City of Knox outer Melbourne.
My project is The Ambassadors (2019) in Ferntree Gully Library, and is a site specific installation about the vocal prowess of the Superb Lyrebirds that live locally in Sherbrooke Forest. Opening Sat 31 August, Artist's Talk Sat 21 September
    Translating Ambiance curated by Jordan Lacey with Philip Samartzis at Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Vere Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne. My project is Guyup-Guyup: Scores for Eight Songbirds (2019) a site specific response to the local songbirds, four of whom are native and four of whom were introduced in the late 1800s. The project incorporates a number of Woi wurrung words for birds, translated by Wurundjeri Elder Gail Smith.
Opening night with performance Thurs 5 Sept. Artists include Polly Stanton/Byron Dean, Camilla Hannan, Bruce Mowson, Martin Kay, Michael Graeve
, Andrew Goodman, Catherine Clover
    OH! AH AH PREE TRRA TRRA Music and Other Living Creatures Series Café Oto, London. Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, 5 and 7 July
This event consists of workshops and a performance to create a participatory, improvised cross species choir. It is a speculative attempt at considering language across species in the urban context, specifically between people and common wild birds.

Teaching 2020
Swinburne University/Open University Australia Master of Writing (MA-WRI)
Semester 1 March-May PWR70001 Reading and Writing
Semester 2 June-August
Semester 3 Sept-Nov
RMIT University MA Art in Public Space
Semester 1 VART 3001 Major Project Presentation and VART 3002 Major Research Project
Career Mentoring Arts Industry for Undergrad+Postgrad students

    Acknowledgement of Country
I respectfully acknowledge the Wurundjeri people as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which I work and live (Naarm - Melbourne), for which sovereignty was never ceded, and wish to pay respects to Elders of the Kulin nation past, present, and emerging
    Creative Commons License These artworks are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License


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