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These artworks address communication through voice and language and the interplay between hearing and listening (the vocal, the spoken) and seeing and reading (the visual, the written). Using collaboration and performance with field recording, digital imaging and the spoken/written word I am currently exploring an expanded approach to language within species and across species through a framework of everyday experience and the maladaptive, mixed and complex conditions that occur in our cities today.


Collaborative performance with Peter Knight Unreliable Encounters in Jurong as part of
Why listen to animals for Liquid Architecture, 2016. Photo Credit Keelan O'Hehir

    Upcoming Immerse Art in Unexpected Places Public Art in the City of Knox outer Melbourne. My site will be Ferntree Gully library. September

Upcoming Translating Ambiance curated by Jordan Lacey with Philip Samartzis at Yarra Sculpture Gallery Melbourne. September. Artists include Polly Stanton/Byron Dean, Camilla Hannan, Bruce Mowson, Martin Kay, Michael Graeve, Andrew Goodman, Catherine Clover

    Wayback Sound Machine: A Sonic Compilation Pt III curated by Maile Costa Colbert for Sonic Field.
With Monteith McCollum, Andrea Williams, Diana Combo, Bonnie Jones, Catherine Clover
My contribution is a text-based score entitled Score for the Arrival of the Blackbird in south eastern Australia 1860
    Assembling Animal Communication
Exhibition curated by Dr. Kevin Chua
Landmark Gallery at Texas Tech University Lubbock Texas US
March 22 - April 28, 2019  
With Catherine Chalmers, Catherine Clover, Darcie DeAngelo, Lee Diegaard, Maria Lux
For this exhibition I am looking at two large urban bat colonies in order to speculate about their communication and languages: the Grey Headed Flying Foxes of Melbourne (the fruit bats) and the Mexican free-tail bats of Austin, Texas (echolocating microbats)
    Body of Sound curated by Yasmin Heisler, Cordite Poetry Review #89:DOMESTIC
with Alessandro Bosetti, Carolyn Connors, Catherine Clover, Jacob Kirkegaard, Joel Stern, Martina Copley, Ania Walwicz, A J Carruthers
Site specific interventions curated by Helen Frosi, various sites across London
June, July 2019 more soon
My project will probably take place in the fascinating Coldfall Wood in Muswell Hill, North London
    Reading Aloud Matters a short article about the role of reading aloud in my art practise. Published in December 2018 in Antennae The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, Issue 46, Winter 2018 ed Giovanni Aloi


Teaching 2019
Swinburne University/Open University Australia Master of Writing (MA-WRI)
Semester 1 March-May PWR70001 Reading and Writing

    Acknowledgement of Country
I respectfully acknowledge the Wurundjeri people as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which I work and live (Naarm - Melbourne), for which sovereignty was never ceded, and wish to pay respects to Elders of the Kulin nation past, present, and emerging
    Creative Commons License These artworks are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License


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    Sound Place
    Asialink audio 01
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    Unlikely audio 01
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    Shooting Asialink


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