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These artworks address communication through voice and language and the interplay between hearing and listening (the vocal, the spoken) and seeing and reading (the visual, the written). Using collaboration and performance with field recording, digital imaging and the spoken/written word I am currently exploring an expanded approach to language within species and across species through a framework of everyday experience and the maladaptive, mixed and complex conditions that occur in our cities today.


Collaborative performance with Peter Knight Unreliable Encounters in Jurong as part of
Why listen to animals for Liquid Architecture, 2016. Photo Credit Keelan O'Hehir


Jardines del Pedregal de San Ángel audio & text in the Ecomusicologia section of
Animalia Vegetalia Mineralia
 Número 10, Ano 5 an online ecological journal edited by Ilda Teresa Castro, Portugal
A bilingual journal, English follows Portuguese Link to full issue here


Speaking Volumes! Tungebundet! exhibition curated by Rikke Hansen and Tanja Nellemann
12-26 October 2018
Kaunas Artist’s House V. Putvinskio g. 56, Kaunas Lithuania
Artists/writers in the exhibition are: Catherine Clover (UK/AU), Marija Gruniuk (LT/DK), Lise Haurum (DK), Mads Mygind (DK), Louise Vind Nielsen (D/DK), Tanja Nellemann (DK), Søren Krag (NO/DK) and Rikke Hansen (DK).
SPEAKING VOLUMES! / TUNGEBUNDET asks the question: To whom does a voice belong? We speak of the need to ‘find one’s voice’ as if it was moving restlessly about in the room, waiting for someone to claim ownership over it. In a religious sense, there is also an understanding that a divine voice might take over a body, causing the subject to ‘speak in tongues’ (glossolalia). At the same time, the term for voting in Germanic languages is ‘voicing’. To lose one’s voice is to lose one’s right to political representation. So what about those subject who have not traditionally been seen as having a voice? Does an animal have a voice?

    Fielding launch Thurs 29 Nov Sunken Courtyard RMIT City Campus Melbourne Australia Map (8mb)
What does the role of sound and audio play in the greening of urban spaces and how does this impact the well-being of people, animals and plants in the urban environment? This project explores how sound and urban greening can work together to help in the design, development and planning of our future cities.
Situated at RMIT University, City Campus in the Sunken Garden (Alumni Courtyard), artists, landscape designers, sound designers, interactive systems designers and scientists have come together to create a biodiverse green space. The site will be filled with a variety of plants indigenous to Melbourne, using experimental plots designed in collaboration with landscape architecture students.
The sound works will be heard from three speakers within the installation structure. Each speaker plays a particular set of works over the course of 100 minutes.

Tomoko Hojo | Unfinished Descriptions
Hundred Years Gallery 13 Pearson Street, London E2 8JD UK
Private view: 27 Sept, 18:00 – 21:30
Performance Night: 29 Sept, 20:00 – 22.00 | Tickets: £8.97 book online
Exhibition: 28-30 Sept 2018
Visiting researcher to CRISAP, Tomoko Hojo invited scores to be contributed to her exhibition and performance. Based on Yoko Ono’s historical exhibition ‘Unfinished Paintings and Objects’ at Indica Gallery, London, 1966, this show focuses on undocumented works and highlights silenced parts of that exhibition and Yoko Ono herself.

    My Monster: The Human Animal Hybid curated by Evelyn Tsitas RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, 29 June to 18 August 2018. My Monster celebrates the 200th anniversary year of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein and the enduring fascination with the human animal hybrid
    Writing Sound Workshop Mentor for Soundpocket, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, March-April
    Upcoming 2019

Assembling Animal Communication
Exhibition curated by Dr. Kevin Chua
Landmark Gallery at Texas Tech University Lubbock Texas US
March 22 - April 28, 2019  
With Catherine Chalmers, Catherine Clover, Darcie DeAngelo, Lee Diegaard, Maria Lux

For this exhibition I am looking at two large urban bat colonies in order to speculate about their communication and languages: the grey headed flying foxes of Melbourne and the Mexican free-tail bats of Austin, Texas.

Site specific interventions curated by Helen Frosi, various site across London
June, July 2019 more soon

My project will probably take place in the fascinating Coldfall Wood in Muswell Hill, North London



Teaching 2018
Swinburne University/Open University Australia MA Writing
Semester 1 March-May PWR70001 Reading and Writing
Semester 2 June-August PWR60003 Research for Writers
Semester 3 Sept-Nov PWR70002 Online Writing and PWR80004 Writing for New Media

    Creative Commons License These artworks are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License


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    Sound Place
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    Shooting Asialink


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